Real Estate Agent in Viman Nagar Pune

We are a full-service real estate company offering the most comprehensive real estate services available in the market, and we go the extra mile to assist our clients on a daily basis. We work tirelessly on your behalf to make your next buying or selling experience a pleasant and successful one.

Our services include working with both buyers and sellers in a wide array of markets including residential, commercial, land, and other related property types.

Our company is dedicated to serving your every real estate needs. We are committed to providing a superior level of service in order to ensure a smooth and beneficial outcome to each and every transaction.






Our team maintain exceptional knowledge of the local markets, outstanding negotiating skills, and the experience necessary to give you the service you deserve. Professionalism, dedication, and knowledge make us the perfect choice when selecting a realtor.

We provide outstanding exposure to your property through both traditional means of advertising while maintaining a comprehensive approach using today’s modern techniques including web advertising.

We will work with you to find your ideal home by using a wide array of resources and we will make sure all your buying needs are met.

we will utilise our outstanding negotiating skills in order for you to receive the best possible price for your new property. We look forward to serving all your buying needs.

Buying or selling your home will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience when you work with Kargil Properties and their innovative and effective methods for generating successful results quickly and efficiently.

A Commitment to Excellence

Our Firm’s philosophy is simple – we understand and care about people who ask for our real estate service. We make a commitment to your entire family. We find homes for families – homes and neighbourhoods that meet our clients‘ dreams and desires. We sell homes for families at the highest fair market value possible. That’s the reason our clients return again and again.

If you would like to consider us to fulfil your real estate needs, please fill out the following form below. This will help us to understand your specific real estate needs.

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Open 7 days a week from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Owner And Director Of Kargil Properties:Mr. Sanat Thakur is an Ex- Army person, Motivational Speaker, NLP certified Trainer& Life coach, Successful Entrepreneur.

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How to Start Your Own Business Building Small Quality Dog Houses

You can start your own business, building dog houses for yourself, and others to sell for you. If you can build, quality dog houses, that will stand up to any weather, and can also offer upscale models of quality dog houses, you could have a nice part time, or full time business for yourself. Some people like a simple „A“ frame style dog house, with no frills, just something simple, Fido can sleep, and live in.

Other people want the very best for their dogs, they are like family to them and they treat them that way! If you can build some houses that are sound, and quality built, and have some extra amenities with them, to make them stand out from your average house, like windows, or a front or back porch, a balcony, an upstairs, downstairs model, you could make really good money and have building them at the same time!

You could have several styles of your dog houses. You could take pictures of them, and make up a nice flier that you can take to pet supply stores, feed supply stores, dog motels, dog groomers, and more. Offer to put some of your houses in their stores on consignment. You can give the store owner a percentage of each dog house they sell or take an order for you. If you could design your own doghouses, that you could fit in a box, and give simple directions on how to put them together, you could sell your dog houses through the mail, to companies and internet sales.

Lots of people are used to putting furniture together themselves these days. Lots of stuff comes in boxes from overseas, and you pretty much have to put it all together most of the time. You can your own houses that fit in a box, and easier to handle and ship out. You could also sell them online on the major auction sites, as that is an easy outlet to start a business quickly, if you have a good product. Also, ask other pet shop type websites, to list your houses on their website, and you will drop ship each one, and give them a commission for each dog house sold through them.

You should put signs on your vehicle saying you build „custom dog houses“ and then, if you can print a picture out of a completed dog house, in color, and laminated it, you can make up some magnetic signs of some of your models, with the prices underneath each house. You would get lots of customers that way also.

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Boise, Idaho Flat Fee MLS

People look to preserve gains in the sale of their home; if there are no gains, they look to preserve as much of their original equity as possible. Boise no doubt felt repercussions of the real estate boom as well as some real estate deflation afterwards. After all, who in Boise is not familiar with someone who deployed their plentiful California home sales proceeds into a Boise-area home or investment property? Likewise, some of the same investors who were buying properties in Arizona and Nevada moved on next to Boise. Years of low interest rates also allowed many more people to get into the housing market, and at higher prices than before.

Understanding Boise flat fee MLS programs requires you to first understand how real estate brokerage works in and around Boise. Brokers in Ada and Canyon Counties are members of the Intermountain MLS system. (The system is actually quite large and extends to even areas outside of these counties such as Twin Falls) This MLS system provides brokers a place to list their properties for sale. It also allows brokers the ability to offer compensation to other broker-members if they represent a buyer that purchases a listing. Being a member in this system is the main reason that a real estate licensee becomes a Realtor® and joins the local association in the first place.

Because the MLS gives agents and buyers the ability to know exactly what is for sale, what is under contract, and what has recently sold, it has become the de facto marketplace for any and all real estate for sale. Someone looking for a 4 bedroom home in Kuna, over 2000 square feet, but under a particular price point can do a targeted search and find exactly that. They can also use the MLS to see recent comparable sales in determining what they want to offer for a property.

Most Boise home sellers still hire a traditional, full commission agent to get their property on the MLS. A few, however, have discovered the fact that you can hire a flat fee MLS company to list your home on the MLS for a flat fee and no listing commission. While they are licensed by the State of Idaho as real estate brokers, they operate on a low cost, high volume model that allows them to provide this service. Sellers in Boise and virtually every submarket including Eagle, Meridian, Kuna, Caldwell, Nampa, Middleton, Star and others have successfully sold homes through these programs. The trend clearly shows an increase in these types of listings and these sorts of brokers have gotten all sorts of positive encouragement from the United States Department of Justice which is interested in increasing competition in the real estate brokerage sector. Even sellers who engage a traditional agent to sell their home will benefit from flat fee MLS programs in Boise because their agent will need to provide proof of extensive services being provided to justify the higher fees. Look for flat fee MLS listings in Boise and throughout Idaho to increase in the coming years.

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How To Choose The Right Playa Del Carmen Real Estate Agent

When you are buying or selling your home your real estate agent plays a very active role in your life. After all, it is your Playa del Carmen real estate agent who is helping you in the biggest purchase you will ever make.

A real estate agent is someone who helps you buy or sell a home by providing you with quick, accurate and current information. Real estate listings are not always completely up to date. Having a real estate agent saves you the trouble of having to do all of the research work on your own.

As you look for and choose the right Playa del Carmen real estate agent for you. It is important to look for certain characteristics that will insure that your experience with your agent is positive. Below is a list of things to look for in a Playa del Carmen real estate agent.

Act on your behalf – Many times real estate agents play multiple roles when it comes to buying and selling houses. A real estate agent can be both a buyer’s and a seller’s agent. Make sure that you choose an agent that will act on your behalf not on what will make the agent the most money. Your agent should be able to provide you with sound advice and guidance and should set his or her own motives aside. Real estate agents need to make money too of course, but some agents earn their commission more than other agents.

Confidence and trust – If a real estate agent will only work with you if you immediately sign a lengthy buyer agency agreement, you are probably better off with another agent. Good agents are not afraid to work with you for a little bit before you sign a contract with them. You need to be looking for this kind of confidence and trust in an agent that you hire. Do not be fooled by first impressions. Often times a real estate agent shows his true colors when you are bound by a contract. Take precautionary measures to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you.

Flexibility and availability – Real estate brokers and sales agents often work evenings and weekends. Agents are also usually on call in order to cater to the needs of clients. The real estate business does not stop at 5:00 and your agent should be willing to provide you with the services you need at all reasonable times.

Note: Availability will be especially important if you are planning on buying or selling a Playa del Carmen property during the peak season. Waiting days and even hours can cost you a deal. Make sure your agent is willing to do what it takes to get the sale.

Trained and licensed – Finding a licensed Realtor is going to save you a lot of headaches down the road. Licensed Realtors have had sufficient training in the legal ramifications of buying and selling property as well as the education of how to work most effectively. If you find a Realtor who is not licensed you may end up with work that is less thorough and lacking expertise.

Experience – The world of real estate agents is very competitive. Established real estate agents have the experience of seeing how the Playa del Carmen market has changed over the years. These experienced agents are more likely to have valuable and applicable information regarding the area that you are interested in. Also, being an established member of the real estate business allows an experienced agent to gain access to information that may not otherwise be made public. You can use any advantage that you can get and having a time-tested agent on your side is a huge advantage. Look for a Playa del Carmen agent who has had significant success closing sales and who has customer recommendations.

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Property Auctions Encloses Seized Property

Seized property auctions takes place when the property is seized by the government with regards to the crimes made by the particular person. Seized property auctions property takes place, when people make crimes then the government seizes the property and it will be listed for auction in property auction. Seized property will be listed for sale in property auctions as per the judgment made by the government for the criminal act made. Generally any property seized by the government will be listed for sale in the property auction and it will be sold for reasonable price consideration. For seized property auctions, auction information will be listed on the online property auctions websites.

Investment houses, residential home, commercial property and repossessed property and so on are the different kinds of seized property listed for sale. UK property auctions are well known for its different kinds of seized property auctions for reasonable price consideration. Seized property auction constitute different kinds of properties seized may be residential homes, investment houses, commercial property. Generally seized property auctions will be sold for highest bid in the property auctions to pay off the debts. Seized properties will takes place when the borrower fails to pay mortgage to the lender within the prescribed time or when the person involves in the criminal act his properties will be seized.

The property seized from the person will be sold to the buyers who are interested to purchase the seized property for reasonable price consideration with regards to highest bidding in the property auction. Online auction websites are available which displays auction information of different seized properties accurately and properly. Buying a property auction provides more benefit to the buyer who purchases the property from the auction. Generally, every property which seized by the government will be listed for sale only in seized property auctions or property auctions. Seized property auctions will compile with the statutes, rules and regulations of the government.

Property auctioneers will be available in the property auctions to the helps the buyer and seller of property and with the help of the property auctioneer the property can be sold easily in the property auction for reasonable price consideration. Real property auction takes place for most of the times and when proper guidelines have followed while bidding for the seized, then the property can be purchased from the property auctions. The value of the Seized property will be based on the market price during the time of seize. Generally all seized property auctions will be subject to terms and conditions of the respectable state from where the property is seized.

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3 Ways to Value Your Home

One of the worst mistakes sellers make is pricing their homes too high. Buyers are generally well educated and will not entertain an overpriced listing. After the property sits stagnant on the market, the seller will slowly wake up to reality and lower the asking price to a more realistic figure. The downside of this scenario is that, in the meantime, one has lost valuable marketing time.

The longer a listing sits on the market, the less attention it gets. The lesson here is – price your home accurately from the start! To help you determine that value, you can use one of three commonly used valuation methods: a Comparative Market Analysis or „CMA,“ a Broker Price Opinion or „BPO,“ also called a Broker Opinion of Value, and a Formal Appraisal, performed by a licensed and certified real estate appraiser.

Before we get into the details of each one of the valuation methods, let’s talk a little more about the different types of values.

Market Value

The Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) defines market value as the most probable price that a property should sell for in a competitive and open market. This assumes all conditions for a fair sale are present and that the buyer and seller are of sound mind.

As-Is Value

Generally, the as-is value is defined as the value of the subject property as it presently exists without repairs or improvements. The as-is value should reflect the subject property’s current condition.

As-Repaired Value

Usually, the as-repaired value is defined as the value the subject property would sell for if the subject property is in move-in, ready condition, but not overly improved for the neighborhood.


The quick-sale value is defined as the value the subject property would sell for under liquidation, or forced-sale type terms. The quick-sale value commonly assumes limited exposure to the open market, and restrictive conditions of sale.

1. Comparative Market Analysis CMA

A CMA is a comparison of the prices of similar houses in the same general geographical area, typically, a one mile radius. Usually, MLS data and tax records are used to conduct the research. It includes: 1) closed sales – properties that have sold and closed within the last 6 months, 2) active listings – properties currently for sale, 3) pending sales – listings that are under contract but have not yet closed, and, 4) expired listings – properties that did not sell during the marketing period. After thoroughly analyzing this information, a probable sale price is suggested.

Because the price derived from a CMA is somewhat subjective, the outcome generally results in a price range rather than a definite number. Most agents will conduct a CMA without physically visiting the property. In general, a CMA prepared by an experienced agent with good knowledge of the local market is right in line with your home’s appraised market value. A CMA can therefore be a very useful tool. Most agents offer this service free of charge as a promotional means to earn you business.

2. Broker Price Opinion BPO (also Broker Opinion of Value)

A Broker Price Opinion is when a real estate agent or broker will do a valuation on a property similar to an appraisal. There are two types of BPOs: an exterior or drive-by, and an interior or full BPO. For our purposes, I will focus on the interior or full BPO, since this is most comprehensive and most valuable to a seller.

The Broker Price Opinion has been a popular tool used by lenders and mortgage companies to value properties in situations where they believe the expense of an appraisal is not necessary. A BPO goes into much greater detail than a CMA; the specific purpose of the BPO as set forth by the client will dictate much of what the agent focuses on. In addition to the work performed in a CMA, the agent will generally conduct a full inspection of the property and make a list of defects and recommend any necessary repairs. A detailed commentary of any material matters will be included.

Photos of the interior and exterior are taken and included in the report. Three recently sold comparables and three active listings are used to determine the value of the subject property, adjustments are made if necessary. The cost of a full interior BPO ranges from $85.00 to $165.00, depending on the detail wanted by the client. Commonly, listings agents will charge for this service but in some cases, might credit the fee back to the client at a successful close of escrow.

3. Formal Appraisal

A formal appraisal is by far the most detailed valuation tool used to determine the value of a property. Appraisals are most often reported on a standardized form, and only licensed and certified real estate appraisers can perform an appraisal. Licensed appraisers are trained to be able to appraise real property in a variety of ways;

The sales Comparison Approach (same as a CMA or PBO) is by far the most common, where comparable properties are used to determine the subject’s value.

The Income Approach: this method is most commonly used to value income producing properties such as offices and apartment buildings. In some cases, depending on the client’s requirements and/or the specific type of property, appraisers may use a combination of both the sales comparison approach and income approach to determine value.

The Replacement Approach: this method is most commonly used on new-built homes, where there are no established comparables, on homes built with unique materials of which no comparables exist, or, in case of, let’s say, a fire, where there is nothing left to compare.

The cost of a formal residential appraisal usually ranges from $300.00 to $450.00.

4. Conclusion

The reason to hire a professional to value your property is to obtain accuracy. It is strongly advised to start out with a realistic price tag, and in order to do so, a seller needs to obtain an accurate estimate of what the subject property is worth. This will set the tone for a smooth and productive marketing and sales process.

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How to Sell Your Home Quickly and For Maximum Price Using the Secrets of Estate-Real Estate Agents

At the moment if you are selling your property it is important to get the highest price possible in the quickest time possible. More money is needed to gain another mortgage, one way to get a bigger deposit is to reduce the selling costs when you sell a property. Whether you need more money for a deposit or you just want the highest price possible for your property, it is now possible. Anna Rains one of the top trainers in the U.K and the U.S.A. has decided to show you the secrets that she has previously been paid to teach professionals in the Property market.

Selling your home starts well before you start to market your home, that is the background work everyone needs to do when they decide to sell your property. When you are deciding on a price there are two factors that you will be taking into account,

  1. What the value of the property is? What is the going rate for a property like yours?
  2. What price do you need to get for your property?

Hopefully these two figures will be the same or roughly the same. If they are not then you need to look at what you can do to bring these figure together. If you do not do that then you can not sell your property and be in a good financial position.

To get the highest price for your property you must start by doing your research, go around all the estate agents and real estate agents and find all the comparable properties and the prices they are on the market for. Also research the Internet for property prices in the area your property situated. When you have this information see where desired value fits in. here are the options you will find.

  1. Your value is highest.
  2. Your value is roughly the same.
  3. Your value is lowest. (If this is the case are you under valuing your home)

Your next step is to visit the comparable properties in the area. When you do this look at the standard of property, and ask yourself how does your property compare? When you have done this you can then look at what you can do to at least bring your property in line with the best property on the market. At the same time you need to make a list of points that make your property stand out from the best property on the list.

There may be reasons why your property is not the best property on the market and your value may reflect this. Before you go any further ask yourself if you are able to invest a small amount of money to give you a better price on your property. You see this happen time and time again on television programs, where a small amount is spent on a property and the value rises by a much bigger value. This may be a lick of paint or a little bit a gardening at one extreme through to new kitchens fit or building work. Spending time doing the maths now will give you a better base to start marketing your property from. When doing this remember to set a budget and stick to it. Keeping in mind what you are spending and what effect it will have on the value of your property.

When you are doing your research bear in mind how long properties have been on the market two techniques used by sales professionals are.

  1. Initially valuing a property at a higher value then reducing it shortly after they get the contract to market their home. They will work on the sellers desire to get a higher property,agree on a higher value to get the contract then after they have had the contract a few weeks suggest reducing the value.
  2. Try to get you to put your property on the market with them immediately for an agreed value, this may not be the best value, they will not suggest doing work, then putting the property on the market. When the property does not sell they will suggest doing some work on the property after getting feedback from viewings. Taking time at the outset prior to starting marketing your home will ensure you can market your property at the highest value.

One of the vital points regarding getting the highest market value for your property is doing the necessary research at the beginning and trying to make it as marketable as possible.

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4 Benefits of Using a Multiple Listing Service

Today, realtors strive to make selling homes for potential sellers as feasible as possible. They have invested millions of dollars in developing Multiple Listing Services (MLS) and other technologies that facilitate efficient transactions. Through the MLS, brokers are able to share information on their property listings with other brokers who get compensated when they produce a buyer. Even though the real estate market is competitive, this arrangement has allowed competitors to cooperate in order to benefit the sellers.

1. Increased Exposure to Property

With MLS, sellers do not need to struggle to get potential buyers to see their property. Instead, the service lists their property, which is viewable to thousands of home seekers who visit the sites. Brokers cooperate with other brokers to list the property on multiple sites. This allows sellers to use a platform that was created by realtors for realtors to leverage a wide market for their property. In the long run, this helps to reduce unnecessary fees.

2. Sellers Can Relax

In the past, sellers used to work with several brokers and realtors when selling a property. This proved to be daunting, especially when making follow-ups and meeting potential buyers. This is no longer the case. With MLS, you take the photos of the property and upload them to the site. This allows buyers to get a picture of the property before a visit. Most providers allow the listing to remain on the site up to 6 months until the seller gets a buyer.

3. Professional Legal Help

There are legal aspects that are involved in selling a property and it is important to get everything right. Any issue could lead to delaying the sale of the property or not selling it at all. There are agreements to be signed that highlight the estimated price, advertising costs, commissions and agreement duration. A multiple listing service helps sellers to understand and meet some of these requirements to ensure a hassle-free sale. They also can help in unique cases such as where a divorce is involved.

4. Guaranteed Seller’s Privacy

MLS are maintained for real estate professionals to assist their clients with buying or selling a property. The participating brokers provide the data of the listings to the public free-of-charge. In such cases, the data is useful to the sale of the property and the buyer may want to access it. However, there are some cases that sellers may want to limit access to certain information such as personal contact information and the times when the property is vacant for showings. The service ensures that the seller’s information is not shared without permission.

Multiple Listing Services are a true reflection of the competition and innovation that exists in the real estate market. These services have help to ensure sellers can advertise their property to a wider audience. It is safe, easy and convenient for both sellers and buyers. There are different business models, such as full service and limited service, that MLS use, and a seller can choose an option that they deem best.

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Fiduciary Duty of a Real Estate Agent – Why Should I Care?

When you go to school to become a real estate agent, one of the first things you learn about is Fiduciary Duty. It is a keystone of integrity for anyone in the business, and is discussed again and again in your continuing education as an agent. It is also a basic component of the Code of Ethics to which every Realtor is bound.

But what exactly is fiduciary duty? Let’s begin with a simple acronym: CARLOAD. There are seven tenets which define fiduciary Duty:

Confidentiality-any information divulged by the client is kept in utmost confidence, and NOT SHARED with anyone. Think doctors and lawyers.

Advocacy-the agent has client’s best interests at heart, and will go to the greatest lengths to ensure the best possible outcome for them.

Reasonable care-the agent makes sure all processes are completed in a timely manner, follows up and follows through. Think of your agent as a project manager.

Loyalty-the agent acts in the best interest of the client; every decision and discussion is taken as a representative of the client.

Obedience-the agent who enters into an agreement with a client commits to perform according to their agreement. The agent acts (or doesn’t act) upon the instructions of the client (within the law, of course)

Accountability-the agent keeps the client apprised of all developments in the transaction and keeps the lines of communication open. The agent also double checks all the numbers so there are no surprises.

Disclosure-any information within the scope of the transaction is disclosed to the client. ALL offers are presented to the client, even the „lowballs“.

You will notice the term CLIENT is used throughout the preceding discussion. Anyone with an interest in buying or selling a home can be considered a customer, and an agent has a general obligation to be truthful and reasonably forthcoming to them. However, no fiduciary duty exists. A client is a customer who has entered into a representation agreement with the agent, either with a Listing Agreement or a Buyer-Broker Employment Agreement. Once this agreement is in place, the agent is officially on the client’s team, and therefore MUST act as a fiduciary.

One illustration of the value of this is in the situation of dual agency. Suppose Bob and Betty Buyer are driving down the street and see a Realtor’s sign in the yard of a home. They decide to call the number on the sign, belonging to the listing agent, Sammy Salesman. During the call, Sammy asks if they are represented by an agent, and they reply that they are not. This is an opportunity for Sammy to offer his services to Bob and Betty. This can be an issue because Sammy’s Fiduciary Duty remains with the homeowner, and it may be problematic for him to provide the same duty for the buyers without violating most or all tenets of the CARLOAD; for instance, the duty of full disclosure would conflict with the duty of confidentiality. Not illegal, but obviously a conflict of interest. Bob and Betty are certainly free to take him up on it; by so doing they would be agreeing to limited representation. A far better solution for them would have been to work with a buyer’s agent, who would work in their best interest by virtue of the Buyer-Broker Employment Agreement.

The importance of quality representation is difficult to understate, whether you are buying or selling real estate. By having a pro in your corner, you can be assured that your best interests are being served, and the transaction will come to a successful and satisfactory conclusion.

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10 Absolute Steps To Close A Real Estate Deal With Ease

Technically, the ‚closing‘ of a deal occurs when you sign the papers that make the property yours. But before that can happen, there are some things that you need to know. A little working knowledge on how the real estate transactions work can go a long way.

1. Walk Through The Property

Better safe than sorry! Inspect the house once more to ensure that it is in a proper condition as agreed upon by all parties. During the walk through, make sure that all the conditions required by the agreement like appliances and furnishings, have been met.

2. Secure The Required Insurance Policies

In order to obtain a mortgage, most lenders require the buyer to purchase a homeowners‘ insurance policy. A homeowner’s insurance policy protects both the buyer and the lender, in case something happens to the house in the future.

3. Open An Escrow Account

An escrow account is an account that is held by a third party on behalf of the two parties in a transaction. This makes things easier and more comfortable, as there are many activities required to complete a home sale. Moreover, an escrow account is the best way to prevent either the seller or the buyer from any kind of fraud, as the money and related documents are with a neutral third party.

4. Lock Your Interest Rates

Since interest rates are unpredictable and fluctuate multiple times a day, you need to monitor the interest rates and lock them if you haven’t done that already. Keep an eye on the market, and lock your interest when the rates are at the lowest, and most affordable.

5. Get Pest Inspection Done

A pest inspection involves a specialist who ensures that your home does not have any wood-destroying insects like termites or carpenter ants. Even a small termite problem can spread and destroy the entire house. So, treat any minor pest problem immediately, if it exists.

6. Obtain Title Insurance

A title insurance policy is a policy that protects the buyer and the lender when there are problems with the land after the sale closes. While obtaining a title insurance policy, learn which policy offers the best protection for the least amount of money.

7. Consult An Attorney

It is difficult to create legal documents and confirm the laws relating to the real estate market. Hiring an experienced attorney will make things easier, and will aid you with the closing documents.

8. Renegotiate Your Offer

If your inspection reveals any defects or flaws in the property, you may want to reconsider the offer to reflect the cost of any repairs you may need to make.

9. Finalize Your Finances

Prior to closing the deal, sort out all your finances and make sure that you have the money you need to pay the closing costs and your down payments.

10. Schedule And Attend The Closing

Sign the towering paperwork, and see to it that both parties are present for the closing. Also, make sure that the interest rate on the papers is correct and there is no prepayment penalty. If you have hired an attorney, then he/she should be present at the venue with you, to ensure that all the paperwork is completed successfully.

Closing a real estate deal can be tedious business, but once the deal is closed, you can heave a sigh of relief. If you ever are unsure about what you are doing, then consult a real estate expert or an attorney to help you out.

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