How to Sell Your Home Quickly and For Maximum Price Using the Secrets of Estate-Real Estate Agents

At the moment if you are selling your property it is important to get the highest price possible in the quickest time possible. More money is needed to gain another mortgage, one way to get a bigger deposit is to reduce the selling costs when you sell a property. Whether you need more money for a deposit or you just want the highest price possible for your property, it is now possible. Anna Rains one of the top trainers in the U.K and the U.S.A. has decided to show you the secrets that she has previously been paid to teach professionals in the Property market.

Selling your home starts well before you start to market your home, that is the background work everyone needs to do when they decide to sell your property. When you are deciding on a price there are two factors that you will be taking into account,

  1. What the value of the property is? What is the going rate for a property like yours?
  2. What price do you need to get for your property?

Hopefully these two figures will be the same or roughly the same. If they are not then you need to look at what you can do to bring these figure together. If you do not do that then you can not sell your property and be in a good financial position.

To get the highest price for your property you must start by doing your research, go around all the estate agents and real estate agents and find all the comparable properties and the prices they are on the market for. Also research the Internet for property prices in the area your property situated. When you have this information see where desired value fits in. here are the options you will find.

  1. Your value is highest.
  2. Your value is roughly the same.
  3. Your value is lowest. (If this is the case are you under valuing your home)

Your next step is to visit the comparable properties in the area. When you do this look at the standard of property, and ask yourself how does your property compare? When you have done this you can then look at what you can do to at least bring your property in line with the best property on the market. At the same time you need to make a list of points that make your property stand out from the best property on the list.

There may be reasons why your property is not the best property on the market and your value may reflect this. Before you go any further ask yourself if you are able to invest a small amount of money to give you a better price on your property. You see this happen time and time again on television programs, where a small amount is spent on a property and the value rises by a much bigger value. This may be a lick of paint or a little bit a gardening at one extreme through to new kitchens fit or building work. Spending time doing the maths now will give you a better base to start marketing your property from. When doing this remember to set a budget and stick to it. Keeping in mind what you are spending and what effect it will have on the value of your property.

When you are doing your research bear in mind how long properties have been on the market two techniques used by sales professionals are.

  1. Initially valuing a property at a higher value then reducing it shortly after they get the contract to market their home. They will work on the sellers desire to get a higher property,agree on a higher value to get the contract then after they have had the contract a few weeks suggest reducing the value.
  2. Try to get you to put your property on the market with them immediately for an agreed value, this may not be the best value, they will not suggest doing work, then putting the property on the market. When the property does not sell they will suggest doing some work on the property after getting feedback from viewings. Taking time at the outset prior to starting marketing your home will ensure you can market your property at the highest value.

One of the vital points regarding getting the highest market value for your property is doing the necessary research at the beginning and trying to make it as marketable as possible.

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